Having been built in 1901, Old Street Station has been the flux of commuters for over a century. Originally featuring a traditional transport entrance above ground, the hub had a major overhaul in the 60s with the proliferation of road traffic, resulting in the Old Street Roundabout as we know it today. Now it is nestled amongst the innovative web tech industry of Old Street, the trendsetting arty, affluent Shoreditchers and the City, which is the centre of the economic world.

In the last 18 months, Transport for London have re-invented the station with an estimated annual footfall of 24 million people, into a thriving entrepreneurial and creative hub. Having been the bedrock of multiple small business launches and major internationally recognized brands, we are delighted to feature our first Kiss Chase Gallery here.

Visit Us:  Unit 8 Old Street Station, 25th July – 6th August 2016

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